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Meet Our Sponsors: DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP

At DWB Wealth Consultancy our sole aim is to provide clients with the very best financial advice and ongoing service, putting clients needs at the heart of the business. DWB Wealth Consultancy provide holistic wealth management advice to clients based across the UK, helping them to achieve their individual financial aspirations.

Independent Business of the Year Sponsor

“DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP are proud to sponsor the Independent Business of the Year award which gives credit and exposure to smaller, local businesses who wouldn’t usually receive recognition but most importantly, we are involved to support the chosen charities to ensure they get the support and exposure they need to continue providing emotional and practical support for those who need it most.”

We are living through a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty. With volatile markets, changes in regulation and taxation, we constantly review and give careful consideration as to how these factors will impact on our clients. DWB Wealth Consultancy understands that building long term relationships via regular face-to-face reviews are essential to successful financial planning.

Becoming a client

It may take several conversations before we know enough about you to advise on the appropriate course of action and before you know enough about us to want to become a client.

When we fully understand your requirements, we will recommend options that will help you achieve your goals. We will also consider whether additional planning, for example tax planning or the use of trusts*, could help you to arrange your investments more efficiently.

How we can help

We offer wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses. Whether clients want to grow their wealth or receive a regular income, we aim for them to obtain the best possible returns on their money in relation to their tolerance to risk and investment objectives.

Our ongoing service with you

We are committed to providing you with a tailored wealth management service, designed to meet your specific needs.




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