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Ultra Event Production: Sponsoring New Starter Business of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

Every great event leaves an indelible mark, a memory that resonates, and behind such extraordinary occasions, there's often an unsung hero working tirelessly behind the scenes. Ultra Event Production offers unparalleled events and exceptional experiences and is proud to sponsor The New Starter Business Award at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024.

Ultra Event Production sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

A Legacy of Excellence

For over 15 years, Ultra Event Production has epitomised the spirit of grandeur and meticulous execution. With a tagline that boldly declares, "We live and breathe events!", their legacy of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences stands testament to their unmatched expertise in event management.

Beyond Just Planning

What sets Ultra Event Production apart is its comprehensive approach. They don't just plan; they live the event from inception to execution and even beyond. Their dedication to understanding a client's vision, aims, and the most whimsical ideas ensures that every event isn't just an occasion, but an experience etched in gold.

Ultra Event Production sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

The Magic Behind the Scenes

While an event dazzles from the front, the real magic happens behind the scenes. Ultra Event Production takes care of every intricate detail, from scouting the perfect venue, crafting mesmerising visual displays, to orchestrating spellbinding performances. Their holistic approach ensures that clients can focus on their event's overarching goals while leaving the nitty-gritty in Ultra's capable hands.

Ultra Event Production sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Why Ultra Event Production is the Ideal Sponsor

The 'New Starter Business' category at the Yorkshire Choice Awards celebrates the spirit of budding entrepreneurs and fresh ventures that promise a brighter future. Ultra Event Production, with its legacy of breathing life into visions, perfectly resonates with this spirit. Their journey is an inspiration for every new start-up in Yorkshire and beyond, proving that with dedication, partnership, and an eye for detail, any vision can come to life.

Ultra Event Production

Discover more about Ultra Event Production below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

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