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PQS Survey: Sponsoring the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

As the Yorkshire Choice Awards set the stage to honour the spirited young entrepreneurs of the region, it’s fitting to shine a spotlight on the sponsor of the 'Young Entrepreneur' category - PQS Survey. This leading entity in the realm of survey and safety equipment not only represents excellence but also the dedication and drive that the young entrepreneurs bring to the table.

PQS Survey sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Independently owned

Founded in 2007, PQS Survey quickly etched its name as the UK’s top independently-owned survey and safety equipment firm. With a vision aimed at serving the construction sector, they not only provide products but solutions and services that shape the very framework of the country’s infrastructure. With a footprint spanning across Leeds, Hull, Derby, Milton Keynes, Norwich, and the North East, their reach is both vast and impactful.

Quality: The Cornerstone of PQS

Every product, every service is a testament to PQS Survey’s commitment to unparalleled quality. Whether it’s a short-term equipment hire or a long-term investment, customers are always assured of products that are advanced, durable, and cost-effective. It's this uncompromising focus on quality that sets them a class apart.

PQS Survey sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Service: The Pulse of PQS

What really breathes life into PQS Survey is their unwavering dedication to service. By prioritising their customers' goals and consistently exceeding their expectations, they've built lasting relationships based on trust and excellence. Their solutions are not just effective; they are transformative.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Why PQS Survey is the Perfect Sponsor for the Young Entrepreneur Category

The journey of PQS Survey mirrors the aspirations of every young entrepreneur. It’s a story of starting small, dreaming big, and achieving through determination and excellence. Their ethos, focused on quality and service, is what every young entrepreneur aspires to embed in their ventures. As such, their sponsorship of the 'Young Entrepreneur' category is not just apt, but also inspirational.

PQS Survey sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Discover more about PQS Survey below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

Official Headline sponsors of The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024, Franks Accountants


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