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Cast your vote for "Rob Burrow Living with MND" – a compelling BBC Documentary!

Yorkshire Choice has always stood by numerous charitable endeavors. Over the past two years, we've been privileged to join hands with Rob and Lindsey Burrow in their mission to increase awareness of MND, a cruel and devasting illness.

The BBC, capturing their resilient journey, presented "Rob Burrow Living with MND." We at Yorkshire Choice are proud to have played a role in bringing this touching story to the screen. Watch the emotional documentary again here

Now, the documentary 'Rob Burrow living with MND' is nominated at The National Television Awards! As we committed to championing their cause, we humbly request your support.

Watch the moment the Burrow family discovered they were through...

Voting is NOW open and here's how to vote;

✨ Online: (And include your email)

📞 Or by phone: 0905 647 2023 (Rob Burrow Authored Documentary) - Remember, you can vote up to 3 times!

Tip: There's no need to vote in every category. Simply navigate to the Authored Documentary section.

Once voted we would appreciate it if you could share the link on your social media too to help spread the word.

Your support means the world to the Burrow family and everyone at Yorkshire Choice. A heartfelt thank you from all of us. 🌟🙏

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