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YPO: Sponsoring the Inspirational Individual of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

The Yorkshire Choice Awards is an event that honours those who make Yorkshire proud, whether through their business acumen, charitable activities, or community service. This year, the award for the 'Inspirational Individual' category is sponsored by YPO, a company that truly embodies the spirit of Yorkshire.

YPO sponsor The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

About YPO

Established with the public's interest at its heart, YPO is not just any supplier. They stand out as a beacon of integrity and community-centric values. They provide products and services to a vast array of customers, from schools and nurseries to local authorities, emergency services, and care homes. Their diverse clientele speaks volumes about their versatility and their commitment to catering to the unique needs of various sectors.

YPO sponsor The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

A Public Interest Model

What sets YPO apart is its ownership structure. Being 100% publicly owned by 13 local authorities means that YPO isn't driven by private profit motives. Instead, the profits they make are channelled back to public sector customers, ensuring unparalleled value for money. In a world where businesses often focus on the bottom line, YPO’s model stands out as refreshingly altruistic.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Why YPO is the Perfect Sponsor

The Inspirational Individual category at the Yorkshire Choice Awards honours those who rise above and beyond to make a difference. YPO, with its commitment to community, value, and service, embodies the very essence of this award. By giving back to the public sector, offering quality and value, and serving a wide range of clients, they inspire organisations across Yorkshire and beyond.

Discover more about YPO below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

Official headline sponsor of the Yorkshire Choice Awards, Franks Accountants


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