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Yorkshire's Rising Stars: The Young Entrepreneur Award

From arts and entrepreneurship to social causes and technology, the Yorkshire Choice Awards are dedicated to shining a spotlight on those individuals and groups who are not just upholding Yorkshire's rich legacy but are also carving paths for its promising future.

There's a new generation of dreamers and doers: the young entrepreneurs. These individuals embody the spirit of innovation, undeterred passion, and the audacity to not just dream but turn visions into reality. The Young Entrepreneur Award celebrates this vibrant spirit, saluting Yorkshire's emerging business talents.

PQS Survey sponsor the Young Entrepreneur Awards at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

PQS Survey Sponsors Young Entrepreneur Award

A prime example of dreaming big and turning those dreams into tangible success is PQS Survey. The trajectory of their story is emblematic of every budding entrepreneur's aspirations. They began with humble roots, a compact vision, but with expansive dreams. Today, PQS Survey stands testament to what unwavering determination, a dedication to excellence, and a non-negotiable commitment to quality and service can achieve.

PQS Survey is not just attaching their name to a category; they are extending their ethos. It's an ethos that every young entrepreneur seeks to emulate in their business endeavours, making PQS Survey's sponsorship both apt and aspirational.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Recognising Yorkshire's Business Talents of Tomorrow

The future of business, especially in Yorkshire, is promising. With young minds bursting with innovative ideas, groundbreaking solutions, and a fire to create impactful ventures, the horizon is bright.

If you know a young individual making waves in the business arena, whose entrepreneurial flair deserves recognition, this is your call to action.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsor for The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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