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Why Franks Accountants Choose to Become Headline Sponsor for the Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Franks Accountants have supported Yorkshire Choice Awards for the past 7 years.

"We’re big believers in helping generate awareness of local people and independent businesses, shining a light on well-deserving nominees, finalists and winners. Although awards based, there are no losers, every nominee is very special to our region. It’s an opportunity to celebrate success and recognition and a great opportunity to pay it forward".

Adam Franks with Inspirational Individual Winner 2023 Susan Mountain

'Paying it forward' refers to the act of selflessly doing something kind for others (very much like the individuals and businesses nominated each year), with the intention that they will also extend kindness to someone else.

It's a beautiful concept where the focus is not on receiving anything in return but on creating a chain of goodwill. However, this year, something remarkable happened – we received an unexpected surprise in return that completely amazed us.

Supporting great causes

At the Yorkshire Choice Awards, funds are raised to support incredible causes like the Leeds United Foundation and the MND Association. During the last event, Jo and Mel approached me with the opportunity to support a charity in 2024 that is close to my heart, Shine21.

But why Shine21?

When our daughter Maisy came into the world, it was a harrowing experience. She was immediately whisked away to a special care unit, struggling to breathe and relying on a machine to stay alive. Our stay in the unit lasted for five agonising weeks.

Maisy after heart surgery

Maisy faced multiple health issues, including heart problems, kidney complications, and low muscle tone. Within hours, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. This news struck fear into our hearts, as we had little understanding of what this condition entailed and how it would shape her life. The situation became even more critical when we learned that Maisy required open heart surgery to correct a hole in her heart.

It was a nightmare we never anticipated.

Without the unwavering support of Shine21, we would have been utterly lost. Their assistance was immeasurable, from providing a network of peers who understood our journey to offering expert therapy sessions that guided Maisy's development in speech, language, feeding, core strength, crawling, motor skills, and more.

Adam Franks and daughter Maisy

Shine21 gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to navigate this emotional rollercoaster. It was undoubtedly the toughest experience we have ever faced and although there are ongoing challenges, we now have a happy and healthy daughter.

Final words

Thank you Shine21 and Yorkshire Choice Awards for your help and support. We didn't expect The Yorkshire Choice Awards to pay it back but we are extremely proud to be the headline sponsors at the awards. See you there.

Franks Accountants headline The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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