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Wetherby Whaler: Sponsoring Independent Business of the Year the Yorkshire Choice Awards

The Yorkshire Choice Awards is an occasion to celebrate the best of Yorkshire. Every nominee, every winner, and every sponsor carries with them a story of dedication, commitment, and excellence. This year, the 'Independent Business' category is sponsored by Wetherby Whaler, a name that resonates deeply with the tradition, quality, and the very spirit of Yorkshire.

Fish and chips outside the Wetherby Whaler

The Humble Beginnings

The Wetherby Whaler story is a classic tale of beginnings, growth, and legacy. Founded in 1969 by Phillip and Janine Murphy in Tadcaster, it started as a humble fish and chip takeaway. This small establishment was not just about serving food; it was where the Murphys honed their skills, perfected their craft, and set the foundation for what was to become a celebrated chain.

Serving fish and chips at the Wetherby Whaler

Growth Rooted in Tradition

From that single takeaway in Tadcaster, the Whaler has grown into a chain with 5 branches, employing 220 dedicated staff members. They now serve a staggering 750,000 portions of haddock annually. Yet, amidst this incredible growth, the essence of Wetherby Whaler remains unchanged.

The family touch is still palpable. Phillip and Janine's daughters, Joanne and Caroline, have seamlessly stepped into their roles, ensuring that the traditions and principles are upheld. With a committed team of managers and employees, the Wetherby Whaler continues its proud legacy of serving Yorkshire's finest fish and chips.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Why Wetherby Whaler is the Ideal Sponsor

The 'Independent Business' category at the Yorkshire Choice Awards celebrates businesses that stand out, that have carved a niche for themselves, and that uphold the values and traditions of Yorkshire. In that spirit, Wetherby Whaler, with its history, dedication to quality, and deep-rooted family values, is the perfect sponsor. They not only represent the best of independent businesses but also the essence of Yorkshire itself.

Discover more about Wetherby Whaler below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

Headline sponsor Franks Accountants at the Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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