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Tim Bilton: A Champion of Resilience Joins The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

The Yorkshire Choice Awards is privileged to announce that Tim Bilton, a true symbol of resilience and inspiration, joins our esteemed lineup of guest award presenters for the upcoming Award Ceremony. Tim's journey is a stirring testament to the unwavering human spirit and the transformative power of courage in the face of adversity.

Tim Bilton: A Champion of Resilience Joins The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Tim's world was rocked when he received a diagnosis of a rare form of eye cancer. Yet, rather than succumb to despair, Tim, a renowned TV chef, bravely confronted his illness head-on. After enduring gruelling rounds of chemo and radiotherapy at Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital, Tim defiantly returned to the kitchen, refusing to allow cancer to dictate the course of his life behind the scenes, Tim's battle with cancer persisted. Despite facing setbacks, including the disease's spread to his saliva glands and a subsequent recurrence in his knee, Tim remained resolute in his determination to confront his illness with courage and unyielding openness.

In a bold departure from his initial encounter with cancer, Tim resolved to speak candidly about his journey, shedding light on the often-neglected issue of men's health. Through his deeply personal blog, "On a Knife-Edge," Tim offers an unvarnished account of his treatment and the daily struggles of living with stage four incurable melanoma. Tim was acknowledged for his remarkable journey as the recipient of our Yorkshire Choice Inspirational Individual Award in 2020, showcasing the profound impact he continues to make in the lives of others.

As Tim graces our stage at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024, we celebrate his courage, resilience, and indomitable spirit. His presence reminds us of the inherent strength within each of us to overcome life's greatest challenges and emerge stronger, more resilient, and more compassionate than ever before.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsors of The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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