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Latimer by Clarion Housing Group: Proud Sponsor of The Local Fundraiser of the Year Award 2024

Latimer, the development arm of Clarion Housing Group, is dedicated to developing private homes within thriving, mixed-use communities. Their commitment to building sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods is deeply rooted in the legacy of Clarion Housing Group’s founder, William Sutton.

Latimer by Clarion Housing Group: Proud Sponsor of The Local Fundraiser of the Year Award 2024

The Legacy of Clarion Housing Group

The Clarion story began with William Sutton, a 19th-century entrepreneur who generously gifted his entire fortune—equivalent to £230 million today—to build affordable housing across major UK cities. Since then, Clarion Housing Group has been steadfastly delivering on Sutton’s vision, ensuring that the majority of homes built are for affordable tenures.

Building Sustainable Communities

While the primary focus remains on affordable housing, Latimer recognises the importance of developing homes for outright sale. This approach is crucial for creating mixed, sustainable communities and allows Latimer to reinvest profits from private sales back into building and maintaining more affordable homes.

Latimer by Clarion Housing Group: Proud Sponsor of The Local Fundraiser of the Year Award 2024

What Sets Latimer Apart?

  • Long-Term Commitment: Latimer is dedicated to the long-term well-being of the people who live in their homes.

  • Sustainable Communities: Latimer’s developments are designed to be socially and environmentally sustainable.

  • High-Quality, Low-Carbon Properties: Consistent commitment to delivering high-quality and low-carbon properties.

  • No Shareholders: Without the pressure of shareholders, Latimer can focus on long-term community benefits over short-term profits.

  • Dependability: Latimer is a reliable partner, driven by a commitment to quality, community, and successful places.

Clarion Housing Group’s Strength

As the UK’s largest provider of affordable housing, Clarion Housing Group oversees over 125,000 homes and serves more than 350,000 residents nationwide. Latimer benefits from Clarion’s robust financial foundation, with net assets exceeding £7 billion and an annual turnover close to £1 billion. This financial stability empowers Latimer to build communities that endure.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Perfect Fit for Sponsoring The Local Fundraiser of the Year Award

Latimer’s dedication to building sustainable communities aligns perfectly with the spirit of The Local Fundraiser of the Year Award. Their long-term commitment to social and environmental sustainability mirrors the tireless efforts of local fundraisers who work to improve their communities. By sponsoring this award, Latimer honours the extraordinary contributions of these individuals, celebrating their role in fostering strong, resilient communities.

Latimare by Clarion Housing Group sponsors The Local Fundraiser Awards at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Discover more about Latimer by Clarion Housing Group below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsor of The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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