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Dixie from Heart Radio to Guest Award Presenter at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Excitement is mounting as The Yorkshire Choice Awards gears up for its most star-studded event yet, with the announcement of renowned radio personality Dixie as one of the guest award presenters for the evening. Best known for presenting the popular drive show on Heart Radio in Yorkshire, airing weekdays from 4-7 PM, Dixie brings decades of experience and an infectious energy that has endeared him to audiences across the county.

Dixie from Heart Radio to Guest Host at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

For over 20 years, Dixie has been a constant presence on the Yorkshire airwaves, delivering the latest hits, engaging interviews, and entertaining banter to listeners tuning in during their evening commute. His distinctive voice has become synonymous with quality radio entertainment, earning him a loyal following and establishing him as a household name throughout Yorkshire.

Beyond his radio prowess, Dixie is no stranger to the limelight as he seamlessly transitions from behind the mic to the stage, serving as a dynamic host and DJ for numerous events across Yorkshire. His charismatic presence and ability to captivate audiences make him the perfect addition to the lineup of hosts for The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024.

In addition to his on-air achievements, Dixie remains highly active on social media, connecting with fans and sharing his latest updates and insights. You can find him on social media platforms under the handle @dixieonline and visit his website at to stay up to date with all things Dixie.

As anticipation builds for The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024, the inclusion of Dixie as a guest host promises an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, celebration, and perhaps a surprise or two. Don't miss your chance to witness Dixie in action as he takes the stage alongside other luminaries at this prestigious event. Get ready to be entertained, Yorkshire-style, as Dixie brings his signature charm and wit to The Yorkshire Choice Awards stage.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsor at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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