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Celebrating Charitable Businesses

Businesses are often regarded as the backbone of the economy. However, in the heart of Yorkshire, many businesses go beyond just profit, becoming the linchpins of positive community change.

These charitable businesses, with their unwavering dedication and genuine intentions, not only drive economic growth but sow seeds of hope, unity, and empowerment. The Charitable Business Award stands as a testament to the invaluable contributions of such businesses, spotlighting their relentless efforts in elevating our communities.

Redrow Homes, 2023 winner of Charitable Business of the Year with sponsor Little Bird and guest host Lizzie Jones MBE

This year, the spotlight shone brightly on Redrow Homes Wakefield, the deserving recipient of the 2023 Charitable Business Award. Their commendable endeavours have epitomised what it means to be a business that cares deeply about its community.

At the heart of Redrow's charitable journey lies a touching commitment to the Martin House Children’s Hospice. The company has gone to great lengths to make a significant difference in the lives of many, having raised a staggering £167,000. This generous contribution goes towards supporting youngsters with life-limiting illnesses, ensuring they receive the care, love, and support they deserve.

Nominate a Charitable Business Hero from Yorkshire

There are countless businesses in Yorkshire that, day in and day out, work diligently not just for their bottom line, but for the betterment of the communities they serve. If you're familiar with a business that exemplifies the spirit of community service, the Charitable Business Award is the perfect platform to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Be a Part of the Journey

It takes a community to recognise and uplift its heroes. The Charitable Business Award presents an opportunity for sponsorship, offering businesses and individuals the chance to align themselves with this noble cause, ensuring that these stories of hope and dedication get the attention they richly deserve.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsor for The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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