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CCTVdirect: Sponsoring the Yorkshire Entrepreneur of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

Every award show has a pulse, a rhythm that keeps the event alive, and behind this heartbeat lie the sponsors. Their stories, values, and legacy make every award meaningful. This year, the Yorkshire Choice Awards will be celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship with the 'Yorkshire Entrepreneur' category, and the event finds a fitting sponsor in CCTVdirect.

CCTVdirect sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

The Genesis of CCTVdirect

Starting their journey in 2007, CCTVdirect has grown to become one of Europe's premier CCTV & security distributors. What began as a local initiative, today stands as an influential name across the continent, speaking volumes of their determination and expertise.

A Different Breed

While the industry has its share of players, CCTVdirect prides itself on marching to a different drumbeat. The mantra here is simple - the customer comes first. This ethos is evident in every interaction, every transaction, and every product they offer. With a service that's unparalleled, they've set the benchmark in customer relations.

CCTVdirect sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

A Proud Yorkshire Legacy

CCTVdirect isn't just a business; it's a Yorkshire pride. Their roots run deep in this region, and they wear their Yorkshire heritage as a badge of honour. And they're not all talk; if you're around, they'd love to welcome you with a traditional Yorkshire brew, allowing you a glimpse of their exceptional offerings and the ethos that drives them.

CCTVdirect sponsors The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Why CCTVdirect is the Perfect Sponsor

The 'Yorkshire Entrepreneur' category celebrates individuals who have reshaped the business landscape with their vision, passion, and perseverance. CCTVdirect, with its entrepreneurial journey, aligns perfectly with this spirit. Their story of growth, commitment to excellence, and deep-rooted Yorkshire values make them the ideal sponsors for this prestigious category.

Discover more about CCTVdirect below, or you can click on the provided links to follow them directly.

Headline sponsors of The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024, Franks Accountants


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