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A hard decision but a necessary one...

Today has been a very hard day for us both as we have had to take the decision to postpone The Yorkshire Choice Awards Gala Dinner event on Saturday.

After lengthy discussions with everyone involved and the fact that we have so many guests that are vulnerable and at risk, the decision is unfortunate but absolutely necessary. Health must come first.

Please let us put everyone's minds at rest that this event WILL go ahead and that we are NOT cancelling, merely postponing until it's prudent to go ahead.

We will be in contact with everyone once we have secured a date to proceed and hope you understand the position we were in, but our great Yorkshire spirit will keep us going until we can announce news of a new date.

Please be patient with us as we try and respond to everyone's enquiries but we will respond to everyone as soon as we can.

We will be in touch soon and thank you to everyone for their support.


What date will the event be postponed to?

We are already in discussions about a new date and while we expect it to be later in the year, a further announcement will be made confirming this and current ticket holders will be informed as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund?

We hope you agree that postponing the event is the right and responsible thing to do and as this is due to circumstances out of our control we will not be offering refunds at this stage. Current tickets will be valid for our next event.

What if I can’t make the next event?

Once the date has been announced and you find you are no longer able to attend, contact to discuss further.

Do I need to rebook my tickets to the next event?

No. Your current tickets will be valid for the next event.

Will I be able to book tickets to the next event as the postponed one was a sell-out?

This is a possibility. Please contact to be placed on our waiting list.

Can I now nominate someone for these Awards as the date has been postponed?

No. Our finalists and winners have already been chosen for the 2020 Awards.

Will finalists and winners be informed they have been shortlisted now the event has been postponed?

Our event is still going ahead, albeit an alternative date. The same process will stay in place and the announcement will be made at that time.

I can't get a refund on my hotel? Do you cover this?

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but we don't cover expenses. However, if a hotel won't refund your room it might be worth asking them for a credit. The Gala Dinner will be rescheduled and we are currently working with everyone involved in putting the event together to secure an alternative date.


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