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Celebrating the Community Arts Award

Yorkshire has been the birthplace and nurturing ground for many artists, musicians, writers, and cultural influencers. It's the land that has given voice to the Brontë sisters, inspired the writings of Alan Bennett, and painted landscapes for David Hockney.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards

With such a rich history, it's only fitting that Yorkshire should have its own award to honour these talented individuals and organisations, highlighting their exceptional contributions to the arts.

The Community Arts Award is more than just an accolade; it is a recognition of artistic visionaries and cultural influencers who have enriched the tapestry of Yorkshire through their masterful expressions. From budding local artists to influential organisations, this award captures the essence of what it means to shine a spotlight on Yorkshire's finest.

As we celebrate the legends of our community, we encourage everyone to step forward and nominate their very own Yorkshire gem for this distinguished category.

2023 Community Arts Award winner, Eleanor Tomlinson

Our 2023 winner, Eleanor Tomlinson, serves as an inspiration not just to the residents of East Riding but to the whole of Yorkshire. Hailing from South Cave in East Yorkshire, Eleanor is a testament to the brilliance that our region produces. A globally-renowned artist and illustrator, her work has graced the spaces of prestigious clients like Lottie Shaws, Harper Collins, and Ravensburger.

Perhaps one of her most iconic contributions to the art world is the piece titled 'Marmalade Tea' which she created for Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of Her Majesty's platinum jubilee. This artwork, rooted in Eleanor's love for the region and her unparalleled talent, is an embodiment of how a Yorkshire-based artist can achieve international acclaim.

Yet, Eleanor's story is but one of the countless narratives of dedication, passion, and creativity that Yorkshire is home to. And it is these tales of artistic prowess that we seek to acknowledge with the Community Arts Award.

If you know an individual or group who displays dedication and creativity in commnity community arts, then this is your opportunity to let their story be heard. Nominate them for the Community Arts Award and let us celebrate the luminaries of Yorkshire together.

Finally, a small note for potential sponsors: the Community Arts Award is an unparalleled platform for recognising Yorkshire's talent and fostering community ties. As we look forward to the next edition, we would like to mention that this award category is still available for sponsorship. Partner with us, and let's elevate Yorkshire's artistic prowess to even greater heights. Click here to find out more.

Headline Sponsor, Franks Accountants at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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