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Celebrating Legacies and Lifetimes: The Kate Granger Award for Outstanding Contribution

In the heart of Yorkshire, countless souls have touched lives and inspired change. Among these, Dr. Kate Granger’s legacy stands prominently, a testament to the remarkable difference one individual can make.

Dr Kate Granger

Through the Kate Granger Award for Outstanding Contribution, we honour this spirit and seek to recognise others who follow in her inspiring footsteps.

Dr. Kate Granger: A Legacy of Compassion and Change

In 2011, a devastating diagnosis turned Dr. Kate Granger’s world upside down. As both a doctor and a patient, Kate was confronted with terminal cancer. However, adversity often reveals the strength of the human spirit, and in Kate's case, it unveiled an undying resolve to initiate positive change. Despite her personal battles, 2013 saw the launch of her 'Hello My Name Is' campaign, a movement focusing on compassionate patient care. This campaign serves as a beacon of empathy and communication in the medical community and beyond.

Tragically, in 2016, Kate's journey came to an end. Yet, her legacy endures powerfully. Kate’s life, though short, was saturated with purpose, passion, and an unwavering dedication to bettering the lives of those around her.

Mike Bates, winner of of The Kate Granger Awards 2023 with host Duncan Wood

Nominate Your Yorkshire Hero

In Yorkshire's vast tapestry, many souls shine brilliantly, their actions making a tangible difference. If you know someone who, like Kate, has displayed an unyielding commitment to uplifting others, now is the time for recognition.

Nominate your Yorkshire Hero for the Kate Granger Award and honour those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, making our community a better place.

Adam Franks, owner of Franks Accountants with daughter Maisy
Adam Franks, owner of Franks Accountants with daughter Maisy

Franks Accountants: A Personal Commitment

This award's significance is underscored by our headline sponsor, Franks Accountants. Their support is not merely a corporate gesture but deeply personal. Franks Accountants shares an intimate connection with this year's chosen charity, Shine21. For a detailed insight into this bond and the reasons behind their sponsorship, click here.

In remembering Dr. Kate Granger, we are reminded of the profound impact of compassion, service, and dedication. Let’s unite to celebrate and honour those who, in their unique ways, embody these cherished values.

Franks Accountants, Headline Sponsor of The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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