Simon on the Streets

The Yorkshire Choice Awards are proud to support Simon on the Streets, a fantastic charity offering street-based support for those in need. Their teamwork across Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield providing front-line emotional and practical support for those who need it.

They work hard to keep people up to date with their work and to help share an understanding of the issues that are at the root of homelessness for their clients.


Simon on the Streets service users face a number of difficulties:


• Health problems: Our service users often suffer quite severe health problems, infections, circulatory problems, breathing difficulties and other conditions associated with living out in the open. Many are, or soon become, amputees. Added to these are terrible dental issues resulting from years of poor oral hygiene and a high sugar diet.


• Difficulties accessing services: A high number of our service users do not claim any form of benefits. The find it difficult to navigate the official system successfully so give up on it. Housing assessments can take up to 4 hours to complete, an almost impossible time for our service users to wait, whilst suffering from debilitating mental health issues and dependencies, and an ingrained distrust of authority. Most service users have also not seen a doctor or dentist for years.


• The authorities: Living the life they do, they are often brought into contact with the police and the courts. They are often moved on from places of the sanctuary they have found and are dispersed from the city and town centres to make the areas look "cleaner". They are hounded through the courts, criminalised for minor offences associated with their lifestyles.


We are excited to bring the celebrations to Yorkshire once again and honor our deserving heroes, most of which go unnoticed – until now! Yorkshire certainly thrives on inspiration.


We stirred a massive media interest from radio, press, and TV too throughout the last few years.


By sponsoring you are not only helping unsung heroes receive the applause they so deserve but you help us raise vital funds for our chosen charity, Simon on the Streets.

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