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Yorkshire's Unseen Heroes: The Volunteer Award

Volunteers from every nook and cranny of Yorkshire have consistently shown unparalleled passion and dedication, always going the extra mile to elevate their communities. It's this very spirit of altruistic dedication that the Volunteer Award seeks to honour.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Celebrating Selfless Dedication

The Volunteer Award isn't merely an expression of gratitude. It's a heartfelt tribute to Yorkshire's silent heroes: those individuals who, with no anticipation of rewards, ceaselessly dedicate themselves to the service of others. Their deeds resonate with the quintessential Yorkshire spirit, illustrating that true impact isn't about grand gestures but about the steady, silent commitment to others' well-being.

Saliha Sadiq, 2023 Volunteer of the Year a The Yorkshire Choice Awards

Spotlight on our 2023 Volunteer of the Year: Saliha Sadiq

In 2023, we were honoured to highlight our Volunteer of the Year, Saliha Sadiq. An illuminating presence in Bradford and further afield, Saliha's initiatives during the pandemic have been exemplary. Tackling misinformation and aiding the vulnerable, she introduced free counselling sessions for the elderly and gained global recognition with her video endorsing the Covid vaccine. Balancing responsibilities at the NHS and Bradford University and proficient in four languages, Saliha broadened her services at the Milan Centre, reaching out to boys, under-18s, expectant women, and young mothers. Her endeavours encapsulate the very essence of the Volunteer Award: unwavering dedication, selflessness, and transformative change.

Nominate Your Yorkshire Hero

The narratives of Yorkshire's volunteers merit celebration. If there's someone in your circle who represents the ethos of volunteering, having made a significant mark with their service, it's time to bring them to the limelight. Put forward your Yorkshire hero for the Volunteer Award, ensuring their commitment shines bright.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards

Want to be involved?

This award awaits sponsorship. In sponsoring, you embrace a distinct chance to align with these heroes, bolstering their endeavours and amplifying their tales to a broader audience.

Yorkshire's vibrancy isn't just attributed to its picturesque vistas or its storied past, but predominantly to its people, particularly those who generously give without awaiting reciprocation. Nominate, back, and honour – for within these acts of generosity pulses Yorkshire's true heart.

Franks Accountants, Headline sponsor at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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