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'Inspirational' founder of Kidz aware charity nominated for Yorkshire Choice Awards

The founder of the charity Kidz Aware has been nominated for the Yorkshire Choice Inspirational Individual of the Year Award.

Sabrina Archbold started the Kidz Aware charity in 1995 with mum Gillian, after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and autism along with hearing and visual impairment at a young age.

Mother Gillian and Daughter Sabrina founded the charity.

Sabrina, 40 and Gillian, 59, began offering support to families with children who have disabilities in 1995. They became a registered charity in 2006.

Sabrina said: "I believe God made me like this to help others."

The charity offers support to children and encourages both children and adults to achieve their aspirations.

Gillian said: "Our aim is to let people know what we do. Something needs to change and young people's voices need to be heard.

"I was gobsmacked when my daughter was nominated. Obviously I am so proud of everything Sabrina does every day.

"She inspires me, she struggles to get up every day with her condition, but she battles the pain and gets on no matter what.

"We want people to know there is somewhere for them to go for advice and help. We have never turned anyone away, so please contact us and we will help as much as we possibly can."

Gillian and Sabrina have been running the charity for 24 years and hope to continue to do so as well as raising awareness to the support they can offer.

"My life is committed to this charity and I wouldn't change it," Sabrina said.

"I realised it doesn't matter how I feel. Whether i'm tired or poorly, people need my help and I will always be there."


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