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Halifax extreme challenger Ben Moorhouse all set for his latest challenge

With Halifax Courier

Ben, 38, will start the challenge on Saturday, August 14 along with his support team of Gaynor Thompson and Jason Croft.

In 2018, Ben walked around the full island in two days for The Steve Prescott Foundation, but this included a day’s break at the halfway point of Prasonisi at the most southern tip of the island. At halfway Ben was visibly exhausted and his feet suffering badly from blisters.

This year Ben will be taking on what he calls his ultimate challenge in Rhodes. He will attempt to walk around the full island in 48 hours or less but this time with no sleep or rest at halfway.

There is currently a heatwave in Greece and last week large fires in Rhodes caused destruction for parts of the island.

Temperatures are at the top of the thermometers and with extreme humidity to contend with, Ben has a huge task to take on but there is a reason why he is doing this.

In October 2018, his daughter Kallipateira was stillborn at Calderdale Royal Hospital just two weeks before her due date. Ben and partner Gaynor Thompson went onto launch their charity The Kallipateira Moorhouse Foundation . Ben and Gaynor have recently won The Kate Granger Award for outstanding contribution for the delayed Yorkshire Choice Awards 2020.

In May 2020, Ben and Gaynor had their rainbow baby Apollon at St Mary’s in Manchester and were cared for by Professor Alexander Heazell and his team at the Tommy’s Rainbow clinic and research centre before, during and after the pregnancy. Professor Heazell and his team are now the proud main beneficiary of the charity to help save babies lives nationally through research.

Ben said: “Our daughters’ death was preventable. Why should so many of the stillbirths that happen each day in the UK just be seen as one of those things that happened?

“These are fully developed babies that should be here. Professor Heazell and his team through their research look at the “why” something has happened and through their pioneering work are helping to save babies lives nationally.

“You do not have to go to Manchester to benefit their world class research as it can be seen all across the country in NHS trusts such as the Sleep On Your Side campaign.

“I am risking my life taking on this herculean extreme challenge walk in Rhodes and a time will come where my body will want to drop to the floor, but it is the

“why” I am doing it that will keep me going, Kallipateira and Professor Heazell and his team.

“I made my daughter a promise as I held her in my arms and will do everything possible to achieve this ultimate extreme challege walk in her honour.”

To help Ben reach his £20,000 target, visit

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