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Yorkshire Choice Awards 2019 nominates Stoneacre Properties for their Charitable Business Award

Stoneacre are delighted to announce that we have been listed as one of the nominations for the Yorkshire Choice Awards Charitable Business award.

As some of you might be aware, over the last few years Stoneacre Properties have been conducting collections of Easter Eggs and Christmas confectionary for all the children who had to spend that time of year in one of the Leeds Hospitals.

Each time, we have promised to give a cheque for £1000, if our staff, clients, friends and the local community around our branches, helped us collect 250 pieces of confectionary.

We have always hit that target and in fact, beaten it by some distance each time, meaning it has always been a pleasure for our director Ben Jacobs, to write a cheque to hand over to the fundraising staff at the 'Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal.

Although that in itself was all we ever needed to feel we had achieved our aim, it does give us extra pleasure to have now been nominated for this award.

There is an opportunity to cast your vote for us, and should you want to help us achieve recognition for us and all the people who have helped over the years, you’ll find at the bottom of this newsletter, instructions on how to cast your vote.

Before you consider that though, we'd like to tell you a little bit about the 'Yorkshire Choice Awards'.

Each year they choose a charity to benefit from their fundraising and their chosen charity for 2019 is:

Bethany’s Smile - Bethany Hare, 19 year old Founder of Bethany’s Smile is looking to raise £300,000 to build Smile Cottage where families can go and spend quality time together when they are faced with the news of a short life expectancy/terminal illness.

Smile Cottage is in addition to Bethany's Smile, the charity supports families by providing laptops, wheelchairs, desks and chairs for bedrooms so school work can continue at home, roof boxes to allow easier travel when lots of equipment is required on holidays and also special travel insurance. Bethany's Smile is one of very few charities where every penny goes to the cause due to having no staff and no overheads.

Find out more about their chosen charity

If you'd like to vote for Stoneacre, visit the Yorkshire Choice Awards website where you can vote - (see link below bottom).

Remember, you can only vote once on the online voting form from an IP address.

Please note: They do not accept postal votes or emails telling them who you wish to vote for.

This is the link to vote


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