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No Cape required to be Yorkshire's Choice

There are heroes stalking our streets, but they don’t wear capes. Instead they wear their humility and ordinariness as a cloak of invisibility.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards have removed the cloaks to expose the ordinary heroes and heroines of our local communities and High Streets and allow their communities to vote for them, giving them the recognition they deserve. Just under half a million voted in last year’s event, showing that Yorkshire really does appreciate hard work, dedication and inspiration.

Voting is currently open and our Yorkshire communities are voting frantically, all hoping their chosen candidate will earn a coveted crystal star at the glitzy award ceremony in April.

Inspirational Individual sponsor Adam Franks, Franks Accountants and worthy winner, Benjamin Carpenter bcae

With awards including Inspirational Individual, Young Achiever of the Year and Volunteer of the Year, the aim is to reward those within our communities who have shown extreme courage and determination. Those who have changed their own lives and those of others.

The annual awards will be presented at a black tie event held at Centenary Pavilions, Leeds United on 06 April 2019. Hosted by Christa Ackroyd, the evening is an uplifting celebration of success across our region.

A vital fundraiser for local charities, Yorkshire Choice Awards have grown considerably over their 3-year existence, raising almost £30,000 for local charities via sponsorship from local businesses, ticket sales and online auctions.

This year’s event is supporting Bethany’s Smile. Set up by Bethany Hare, when she was just 12 years old, the charity is raising funds help families with wheelchairs, laptops, desks but her ultimate goal is to build Smile Cottage. Here families will be able to spend quality time together when they are faced with the news of a short life expectancy or terminal illness.

Bethany Hare performing at The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2018 - chosen charity

The Yorkshire Choice Awards are very proud to be raising funds for a charity set up by such an inspirational young woman. Without any overheads, Bethany has set up one of the few charities where every penny goes to the cause and epitomises all that the awards stand for.

To vote for their local hero or heroine, people can go to the Yorkshire Choice website here.

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